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Keith’s energy somehow managed to take over every single person in our reception hall – we had the BEST TIME! He sat with Matt and me weeks before our day to get to know us as a couple, what we liked, what we didn’t (No Macarena!) and that we wanted to be introduced for the first time as a married couple to some serious rock ‘n roll. Which he pulled off with no problem. But that’s not to say he’s all upbeat all the time. Keith is that perfect hybrid of knowing when to get things grooving, even when it means getting out there himself, and when to hang back and let the event do its own thing. It’s hard to explain other than to say he just gets being a DJ. It doesn’t matter if you’re more a rocker couple like us, looking for something subdued or anything in between, Keith is going to help you make your day memorable and special. I know it totally sounds cheezy but it’s the absolute truth. How many other DJs will go from Frank Sinatra to Kid Rock to New Kids on the Block to Guns ‘n Roses because that’s what the BRIDE AND GROOM WANT? To this day no one remembers what we ate but they ALL remember our DJ! In fact we remembered him so much that 11 years later when I was turning 40 my husband surprised me by hiring him to DJ my big bash. And we’d hire him again in a heartbeat.